About us

Annika von Hofsten

Annika von Hofsten

CEO and software developer

Annika is the CEO of Meanwhile and the person who identified the need. She has a B.Sc. in Engineering specializing in leadership, economy and organizational development. She has many years of experience with product development, management and B2B sales, as well as a dog owner and trainer. She is sharing her life with a border collie called Åska (meaning "Thunder" in Swedish) whom she often takes out on adventures, training sessions and competitions.

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Niclas Gustafsson

CTO and hardware developer

Niclas is the CTO of Meanwhile and the person who belived that there is a technical solution to the need. He has a M.Sc. in Engineering specializing in mechatronics and biomedical engineering. He has many years of experience with product development, project management and leadership. He has shared a big part of his childhood with dogs, so although he doesn't have one at the moment he is a dog lover at heart.

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Niclas Gustafsson
Åska the Border Collie

Åska the Border Collie

CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) and product tester

Åska (meaning "Thunder" in Swedish) is the CIO, the Chief Inspiration Officer, of Meanwhile and the dog who is the reason this idea is being realized. She does not have a M.Sc. or B.Sc. in anything, but she has a lifetime of experience in being cute, curious and hungry for adventure. She spends her days together with Annika either running and playing in the forest or training and competing in obedience and rally-o.

Our advisors

Ninja Claesson

Dog behaviorist and dog trainer advisor

Ninja is a dog behaviorist and dog trainer at Hundvetare. She assists dog owners with everything from training advice to addressing complex behavioral issues. Additionally, she specializes in developing individualized plans for owners and their dogs, focusing on achieving a healthy balance in their daily life together. She has particular expertise in various activities within scent work. Her own dog is a trained detection dog, skilled in detecting spruce bark beetles. Together with her dog, Ninja is helping forest owners identify infested trees, which helps to prevent the spread of infestation.

Niclas Gustafsson
Åska the Border Collie

Louise von Hofsten

Veterinary advisor

Louise is a veterinarian since several years, and is currently doing a Swedish specialist degree. She works at Blå Stjärnan Animal Hospital in Gothenburg, one of Sweden's biggest animal hospital, where she focuses on emergency and critical care. Outside of work, she spends her days with her clever and cute siberian cat Saga (meaning "Fairy tale" in Swedish), teaching her tricks and have lots of cuddle sessions. She has a great love for all animals and their wellbeing.

Founders Loft

Incubator and mentors

Founders Loft is the incubator that supports us through thick and thin. We are their first PetTech company but they have years of experience in guiding other tech start up companies towards success, and put all their knowledge and heart into their mission. For us, they are especially helpful with mentorship in business development, sustainability and communication.

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